Amabashya Kalipuja (December 14, 2020)


Respected Devotees,

Greetings from Greater Noida Sharadiya Sanskritik Samiti!

Kalipuja will be done on Monday, December 14, 2020 at our Kalibari compound. The puja will start around 07:00 PM. 

In view of current situation due to COVID-19, you all are requested to please comply with the below safety instructions at the Kalibari, to execute this Kali Puja celebration.
  1. Devotees should wear masks covering their nose and mouth completely and should maintain physical distancing of 2 yards.
  2. Sanitize both hands at the main entrance and when require
  3. Touching any idols, even Shiva linga is not allowed.
  4. No symptomatic devotees with cough, cold and fever will be allowed inside the temple.