Support Building Greater Noida Kalibari

Artistic Impression of Maa Kali Temple

Lend your helping hands to build Greater Noida Kalibari

A gorgeous temple of ‘Maa Kali’ is coming up at Sector Pi, Greater Noida more popularly known as Greater Noida Kalibari. The construction work is progressing in full swing. It requires help and support from every benevolent person. We appeal to all to come forward and generously donate. Your donation will help complete the construction of Greater Noida Kalibari at the earliest. You may choose to donate money or material needed for construction (viz., cement, brick, sand, steel, marble stone, etc).

Mentioned below the donation mode you can choose from as per your convenience. Please contribute and support your Kalibari. 

Please feel free to contact any of the following persons for further details you may require to donate. You may also drop an email at [email protected] & [email protected].


Payment Modes:   1. NEFT   2. At our Kalibari By cheque or cash   3. Sector representative By check or cash

Bank Account’s details:  

A/C No. – 98250100001508 
Account Type - Savings Account
Bank – Bank of Baroda,  ‘G’ Block Market, Gamma – 2, Greater Noida, UP – 201308  


Construction of Temple (Photo Gallery)

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