‘Mahalaya Tarpan’ (Oct 8, 2017)


The ‘Mahalaya Tarpan’ will be organized by GNSSS at our Kalibari compound on Monday Oct 08, 2018. The rituals will start from 11:45 AM in the morning. To perform the rituals of  ‘Tarpan’, you are requested to bring with you the following:

  1. ‘Bhujji’ comprising of 5 varieties of Vegetables, Pulses, Mustard Oil and Common Salt
  2. 1 set ‘Kosha-Kushi’
  3. Cloth Sheet (‘Aashan’)
  4. Pot (‘Bati’)

PS: You may contact below persons for any clarifications.

  • Puja Secretary – Mrs.Aparna Bhawal (9871878447)
  • Kalibari Purohit – Shri Bishnupada Chakraborty (9654833053)

Your presence and participation on the above occasion is solicited.